Accelerator Program

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Please enter your details below and we will send you more information and a promo code to Receive $25 OFF Tuition.

Course Overview

The Accelerator Program is a 32-hour course designed to get licensees into production and to ensure a new real estate professional has the tools needed to get their real estate business up and running. Students will learn in 8 content areas of real estate to further their understanding of the business of real estate.

Course Content

We will focus on: Goals and Business Planning, Customer Service and Database, Knowing Your Numbers/conversion, Sales Tools, including personality profiles and negotiation tips, Marketing, Real Estate Partnerships including Lenders, Title Companies, Appraisers and Home Inspectors, and Time Management.

Course Timeline

UNIT and TOPIC Breakdown:
Day 1 (8 hours) Business Planning, Goals, Conversions and Numbers
Day 2 (8 hours) Database and Customer Service, Sales and Marketing Tools
Day 3 (8 hours) Sales Continued, Personality Profiles, Tracking Numbers continued
Day 4 (8 hours) Time Management, Ancillary Partnerships and Your Real Estate Business: Lender/Financing, Title, Appraisal, Home Inspections

Course Fees

Course Fees: $250.00 including Textbooks, Knowledge DNA Number Tracker, DISC Personality Assessment, Free Trial of IXACT Contact CRM Software, Continued Mentorship/ Support after class via on-call HIRED Schools Staff and Partnerships with ancillary partners introduced during the 4 day program.

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