The Secret Magic Bullet Of Real Estate For Beginners…and Others…

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As one that sees the opportunities around me…I really hate to bust your bubble…there is no “Secret” or “Magic Bullet” in real estate….keep reading….because there is more on how you will get clients.

Back in 2007 one of the Brokers I previously worked for Philadelphia home buyers home owners sellers real estate agent broker Peter Lavelle made this statement, “…All of your buyers and sellers are right in front of you when you log onto the MLS…” What did that mean??? I pondered this as he never answered that question…I guess he wanted us to use our brain power…

Well here we are, now moving into 2017…almost ten years later…and in the spirit of giving, and my Christmas gift, I will give “YOU” the “SECRET…” First you must make a promise to yourself to stop spending your money on “GUARANTEED” Silver Bullet Systems, and appropriate the funds to your business by doing this…

The MLS is a treasure trove of information, and it does take some time and effort to get that information…but…who said treasure hunting is easy…? Because if it was, everyone will be doing it, and no-one will be profiting from it. Now here….we…go…..

Looking for buyers? Ask yourself this question…where do buyers come from? Are you looking for first time buyers or trade-up buyers? Investors? Etc….

If you are looking for first time buyers search the MLS for “Settled” rentals in whatever price-range and area you are interested in working. Look within a year or two back…and market to them on a 45-60 day mailing, consistently. Include a “Call to Action,” yes do some research online to find one that will cater to your business, i.e. “Stop Paying Your Landlord’s Mortgage…Find Out How You Can Own Your Own Home. Call TODAY for details!”

Trade-Up Buyers? ….again do your research. Average time people live in their home is 7-10 years. Search the MLS going back that time frame. Send mailers with a “Call to Action,” maybe…”Avoid These Mistakes When You Decide to Trade Up to a Another Home…Call TODAY for details!”

Investors?….remember finding first time buyers? Want to take a guess who owns those properties???? Send a letter and KISS….


This is Yosemite Sam of ACME Realty. I have a question about your property located at Roadrunner Way. Please call me at Transylvania 6-500.”

Write your letter on company letterhead… however…


your letter…

This same process works for home-sellers as well….do your research….

Again….Trade Up Home-sellers? Investors? 55+? Relocating? …and the list goes on….use your brain power and the tools you have available…

Now I will state this…offering a CMA may get the phone toring, however, it usually is better to offer something like a FREE report to make homeowners raise their hand. Many online sites offer home-valuations, but, if you you do offer a FREE CMA, be prepared to make yourself stand out of the crowd, and have something like a packet that offers home-owner tips and tricks to sell their home. Be crafty…and KISS….


You owe it to yourself as a valuable individual to protect the only investment we are given that CAN NOT be replaced…


When your phone rings you should ask these questions so you do not become a door opener, or tire for others to kick…


How many houses have you already seen in person?

This determines if they are already working with someone, or if they are just having agents as door-openers.

What date are you expecting to move into your home?

This determines motivation and sincerity of the process.


Are you planning on selling in the next 6 months?

This will open the door for their motivation to sell, or, if they are just curious, or, if they are interested in refinancing, or, etc….you get the point….

CARPE DIEM…..Attitude Reflects Leadership….

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