Now Featuring LIVE Streaming Classes Online at HIRED Schools!

HIRED Schools is now offering an amazing opportunity for our students to attend our Pre-Licensing Classes from the comfort of your own home computer! With our partnership with Dearborn Educational Services, you can now get your Real Estate Licensing without ever leaving the house!

Simply Register Here on this page for the Live Streaming from Highlands Ranch- Next Session Begins September 7, 2021 from our Live Streaming Online Classroom!

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TAKE OUR LIVE STREAMING CLASSES ON TUESDAY NIGHTS- Next Live Stream Session Begins July 13, 2021!

After Registering, we will send you all of the details needed to log in and get ready for your LIVE Streaming Class. Books are included in the price and there is a small shipping fee for all books and workbooks to be mailed to your home.

REGISTER NOW FOR LIVE STREAMING CLASS that begins Tuesday- September 7, 2021

Why LIVE Streaming Classes?

This amazing LIVE Streaming Technology has revolutionized how we can teach and reach our students anywhere in the world at any time. Now you have the flexibility and ability to learn at your own pace with the tons of educational resources we offer at your fingertips!

    • View and listen to your Instructor and the Class from your home computer.
    • Ability to ask questions and interact with the class via Video Chat or by sending in a message
      to your Instructor.
    • Each Class is recorded and saved. So if you miss the class or want to reference a specific
      section, classes are saved online for your viewing!
    • The ease and convenience of not having to travel to class and stay home to learn.
    • Send and Receive Files and Attachments and Save them to your computer
    • Learn at your own pace from the convenience of your own home!

Course Fees

Course Fees: $850 for books.

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Get yourself registered for the Tuesday- September 7, 2021 with our Live Streaming Class!

HIRED Schools Enrollment Agreement


What are the “Livestreams”?

The In Person Class Livestreams are online broadcasts of the in person classes held at our classroom. You can take all of your real estate classes online from home, online, and all of our classes include live instruction (whether they’re an in person class livestream, or online only!).

Which classes are available for the live streaming?

Pre-licensing classes are available for live streaming, only at the Highlands Ranch location.

Is the whole course online?

YES! Students can complete the ENTIRE Course online from watching the Live Streamed Guided Study and the Online Video Content from the comfort of their own home. Classes are recorded, so students can reference the Live Streamed class usually 24 hours after they are recorded. Students can choose to attend the Guided Study In Person or choose to watch via Live Streaming at home.

What if I miss a class?

Each Live Streaming Class is recorded and accessible to our students for viewing usually 24 hours after the class is recorded. You can watch the Live streaming content at your convenience and at your own schedule!

Can I take the classes part time?

YES!! This entire Course is designed so you can study Part Time and when your schedule permits! We ask that our students commit to 6-10 hours a week of Online Video Content plus 3 hours per week of Guided Study- OR you could opt for Live Streaming of the Guided Study Sessions On-demand!

How much do live streaming classes cost?

Only $850+$30 shipping. Click here to register

What are the class technical requirements?

Computers with operating system:• Windows 7—Windows 10 • Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)—10.12 (Sierra)

Mobile devices:

  • iOS 9 or later
    • Internet connection: 3G connection or better: Wi-Fi recommended for VoIP audio and video
    • minimum iPhone 4s
    • preferred minimum iPhone 5
    • minimum iPad 2
    • preferred minimum iPad Air
  • Recommended that iPad users download HTML5Meeting for best experience
  • Android 4.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later Internet connection: 3G connection or better: Wi-Fi recommended for VoIP audio and video


  • 500kbps per each video feed
  • 500kbps for screen sharing • Internet connection 1 Mbps or better: broadband recommended *Minimum requirements depend on the number of video feeds.

Recommended browsers:

  • Chrome, Firefox, and Edge will work without plug-ins
  • With plug-ins, Internet Explorer 11 will work

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