Get your Real Estate License in 7 Short Weeks and we can also help find you a GREAT Job!

Course Overview

This real estate pre licensing course is a 7-week course that consists of 7 weeks of online video preparation and Guided Class Study as we combine our unique Online/ On- Demand Pre-Licensing School with weekly guided classroom review.

Our students will have the convenience of on-line learning and an expert instructor to review with you to make sure you are ready for each course exam as well as the National and State Licensing Exam.

Course Content

Coursework will consist of daily on-line videos to watch, workbook fill-ins and regular quizzes and exam prep to ensure you are progressing with the information. The coursework will be a minimum of 7 hours study time per week and the one night a week for 3 hours that you go to class.

Course Timeline

Weeks 1-6 we will conduct our Guided Study Sessions. Week 7 we have two, four-hour classes that week to cover Exam Prep. After Week 7, you are ready to take the test through PSI. Plus, an 8th week called “What’s Next” where we discuss your next steps and Practical Applications.

Course Fees

Course Fees: $850.00 includes Books, Online Video Content, Guided Study with Amazing Instructors for 6 Weeks, Exam Prep and ALL Taxes.

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