Pre-Licensing Exam Prep

Course Overview

Our real estate pre-licensing exam prep is an 8 Hour, Two Day Test Preparation for the National and State Real Estate Licensing Exams. We go over everything that you have learned with us to prepare you to take the test and PASS IT! We have a 90% Pass Rate and our Exam Prep is part of the reason why!

Exam Prep is INCLUDED in the Full Pre-Licensing Course OR you can choose to just attend the Exam Prep for only $350!

Our students will meet with our Instructor from 6pm-10pm for two nights (8 Hrs Total) to review with you and make sure you are ready for the National and State Licensing Exam.

Course Content

We review ALL of the material that we have covered over the past 6 weeks and answer all of the questions that you may have. OUR GOAL: To get you prepared as well as to assist you in knowing what to expect with the testing and how to succeed!

Course Timeline

Two Consecutive 4 Hour Classes (8Hours Total) usually on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings after the 6th week of classes.


Course Fees

Course Fees: $350.00

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