The Annual Commission Update Course, provided by the Colorado Division of Real Estate is a course that Renee Helten of Helten Institute of Real Estate Development prides herself on teaching. The Colorado Division of Real Estate, provides the slides and content for this course every year, however, it is up to the instructor to make the material their own and to have enough knowledge of what the Real Estate Commission is trying to get the student to understand. Ms. Helten relays the Commission’s information, in an entertaining and relevant way that parallels what a real estate professional in Colorado needs to know to practice real estate correctly and professionally. Renee has been teaching this course for the Boards of Realtors throughout Colorado, many title companies as well as brokerage firms up and down the front range and she is filling up the calendar to teach it for you in 2017, please call, text or email Renee directly to get on her calendar today!