Facebook Marketing Tips & Strategies For Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agent Training

Presented By:

Brent Cramp, Keller Williams Agent Marketing Coach

One of the most productive and cost-effective sources for real estate agents to generate real estate business can be social media, but the real estate agents that are actually successful at it, follow a proven and purposeful marketing strategy with a consistent and persistent effort over time. This is why social media platforms like Facebook can be so effective for the real estate agents that are willing to master it, as most real estate agents are not thinking purposefully about social media or believe that it does not work, or they simply give it up before they see any results. If you looking for proven Facebook marketing tips and strategies that you can apply today to start generating more real estate leads, you have to come to the right place. In this Keller Williams, real estate career training video, Keller Williams agent and real estate marketing coach Brent Cramp shares his ‘Facebook for Real Estate Agents’ seminar that he teaches our Keller Williams real estate agents. Brent believes you do not ‘do’ Facebook…you invest in Facebook, and there is simply no secret sauce. What might work for one real estate agent in one market on Facebook, might not work the same for another realtor in another market. The key to having real success with marketing on Facebook is to view your efforts on it as a true investment and to be constantly holding your time and marketing dollars accountable. Learning how to identify what is really working and how to modify it over time, so that you are truly maximizing your ROI, is the real key. Brent also shares: what you should be saying and how often you should be saying it, proven strategies and actual examples of Facebook ads that work, how to build Facebook business pages and much more. If you want to have more success with leveraging Facebook as a consistent real estate lead generation source for your real estate business, listen and learn as one of the masters of Facebook marketing for real estate agents discusses how real estate agents can develop a successful Facebook marketing and advertising plan that actually works and start implementing it today. Worksheet downloads at http://totalfbforagents.com/

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