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At HIRED Schools, we value your eagerness to learn more. Hence, we have created and compiled some of the best resources you can refer to as you proceed on your path to online real estate education, including ready-to-use form supplements, videos, career tips, and much more.

Helpful Practice Form Supplements

Below are some sample form supplements to help you prepare well for your Real Estate pre-licensing exams. Download them and get started today!

S No. Form Supplements Action
1 Agreement to Amend Extend Contract Download Now!
2 Amend Extend with Broker Download Now!
3 Brokerage Disclosure to Buyer Download Now!
4 Brokerage Disclosure to Seller Download Now!
5 Change of Status Download Now!
6 Closing Instructions Download Now!
7 Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate Download Now!
8 Counter Proposal Download Now!
9 Definitions of Working Relationships Download Now!
10 Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Contract Download Now!
11 Inspection Objection Download Now!
12 Inspection Resolution Download Now!
13 Lead Based Paint Disclosure Download Now!
14 Real Property Transfer Declaration Download Now!
15 Seller's Property Disclosure Download Now!
16 Square Footage Disclosure Download Now!
17 Exclusive Right to Buy Download Now!

Videos: Learn From The Experts

Explore the best of Real estate education as our experienced instructors walk you through the specifics of the Colorado Real Estate Licensing.

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